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Seek a Kmart career and join the ranks of one of Australia's largest retailers

For anyone who finds the retail world an exciting and worthwhile career field to explore, Kmart careers are a good choice for long-term employment with attractive benefits. From the first day Kmart opened in Australia in 1969 and provided satisfactory service to the more than 40,000 customers who entered the store that day, Kmart has continued to provide reliable service and satisfaction to each customer each day the store is open.

A career with Kmart means flexibility, dependable income and advancement opportunities. For part-time and casual employment, important skills that will come in handy throughout a lifetime and experience in a variety of areas of the store come with a reliable cash flow. For this type of employment, no experience is necessary. Kmart offers all the on-the-job training necessary to fill occasional shifts and maintain a spot as a valuable member of the team.

Anyone who is searching for a full time position can become a store team member or find Kmart careers in the management and national office. In any part of the Kmart family, individuals can find comfort in having caring and encouraging superiors that make the workplace welcoming. There are a variety of positions available to help suit each person's strengths. A search of the store team member job openings can be tailored to find jobs in marketing, merchandise, information technology, office administration or even openings at Kmart's supply chain or distribution centers.

Kmart operates 186 stores across Australia and New Zealand, offering jobs to thousands of residents and locations convenient to any town or city. The chain offers such a variety of products that any customer is guaranteed to find something they need or want on the store's shelves. Being a part of the process that provides that satisfaction can be a very important and fulfilling career choice. Kmart careers are reliable and productive avenues of employment that can suit any personality and fulfill any career goal. As a retailer that knows what Australians want, it only makes sense that it satisfies both the customers and the employees to an impressive degree.

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